About us

We are the Europa Invicta Airsoft team.

The team was founded in 2022 out of ideas from it’s founders, to also add more realism on top of Airsoft / MilSim outside of the field, with MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) codes, Command Structure, Intelligence systems for MilSim events and so much more.

To compliment on the MilSim aspect of this team, there are field manuals / handbooks available within the team to serve the purpose of immersion and making it more realistic, with all details described being used in the field, and, even for promotional purposes, such as ranks, roles, callsigns and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The Europa Invicta Airsoft The team does not enforce an attendance requirement, but it is expected that if you are a member and of higher rank within the team, you take the responsibilities imposed by that rank and your role seriously
The most important aspect of this Airsoft/MilSim team is the realism we want to bring towards you, the
member, but also to have fun, learn from each other and create a merry band of people who can enjoy a
hobby together while being active.

We, the Senior Commissioned Officers and rest of the Staff of the Europa Invicta Airsoft team, welcome you and wish for you to have pleasure in
this hobby and team!